AWS Lambda with Node.Js

AWS Lambda with Node.Js, Hand’s on pratice on AWS Lambda with Nodejs.

Course Description

Welcome to “Hands-on Practice on AWS Lambda with Node.js,” your comprehensive guide to mastering serverless computing on Amazon Web Services (AWS). In this engaging and practical course, you will dive deep into the world of AWS Lambda and Node.js, gaining hands-on experience and expert insights that will empower you to build scalable and efficient serverless applications.

Course Highlights:

Practical Learning: This course is designed with a focus on hands-on practice. You will work on real-world examples and practical exercises, honing your skills as you progress through the modules.

Node.js Fundamentals: We’ll start by covering the fundamentals of Node.js, ensuring you have a solid foundation before delving into AWS Lambda.

AWS Lambda Essentials: You will explore AWS Lambda from the ground up, learning how to create, deploy, and manage serverless functions. Discover best practices for optimizing performance and reducing costs.

API Integration: Master the art of integrating AWS Lambda with various AWS services and external APIs, enabling you to create seamless and powerful applications.

Error Handling and Debugging: Learn to troubleshoot effectively, implement error handling strategies, and debug your serverless applications with confidence.

By the end of this course, you’ll not only have a deep understanding of AWS Lambda and Node.js but also the skills and confidence to build your own serverless applications. Whether you’re a beginner exploring cloud computing or an experienced developer aiming to enhance your serverless expertise, this course is tailored for you.

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