Asynchronous JavaScript Deep Dive

Asynchronous JavaScript Deep Dive, The most complete course on Asynchronous JavaScript. Includes Callbacks, Promises, Async Await, Generators and more.

Course Description

Effectively working with asynchronous code in JavaScript is an essential skill for anyone working with JavaScript. Asynchronous patterns are used extensively. This course will take you from a beginner or intermediate level to mastering asynchronous JavaScript. You will feel comfortable dealing with any asynchronous code.

This course start with the basics of asynchronous code in JavaScript. We take a look at the event loop and the role it plays in asynchronous JavaScript. We dig into the original asynchronous pattern, the callback. We dive into Promises, and tackle this subject in depth. We then add the async await pattern to the discussion. In the last section we cover generators and how and when they can be used in your code. Code example are used throughout the course and there are plenty of chances for you to try things on your own.

By taking this course you will be able to:

  • Explain the role of the Event Loop in asynchronous coding.
  • Use callbacks throughout your code.
  • Incorporate and work with promises no matter the source.
  • Use the async await pattern to make your asynchronous code easier to reason about.
  • Incorporate generators when needed.

This is one of the best courses produced on asynchronous JavaScript. It contains unmatched coverage. If you are looking to learn this very important topic, this course is for you.

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