Electrical Design: Interdisciplinary Coordination

Electrical Design: Interdisciplinary Coordination, Coordination with other department for engineering projects, Input & Output Required Details with other department.


At the earliest practical time in a project the engineers will need to identify areas of engineering and design where interfaces are necessary. An efficient system of communication and exchange of information should be established and implemented at regular intervals. Meetings should be arranged to discuss problem areas and short-falls in information. The following generally summarizes what is needed, particularly during the feasibility and conceptual stage of a project. In order to be able to engineer an economical and efficient power system it is desirable for the electrical engineer to have:

• A basic understanding of the hydrocarbon and chemical processes and their supporting utilities e.g. compression, pumping, control and operation, cooling arrangements.

• A procedure for regular communication with engineers of other disciplines, e.g. instrument, process, mechanical, safety, telecommunications, facilities, operations and

• An appreciation of the technical and economic benefits and shortcomings of the various electrical engineering options that may be available for a particular project.

• The technical flexibility to enable the final design to be kept simple, easy to operate and easy to maintain.

Course Contents:

  • What is Interdisciplinary coordination ?
  • Need of interdisciplinary interface ?
  • Project Execution Plan
  • Interface Management (multidisciplinary coordination)
  • How to improve the interface management

Who this course is for:

  • Electrical Engineer
  • Electronics / Instrumentation Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Project Engineer


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