Easy Photoshop with 40 Live Project

Easy Photoshop with 40 Live Project, Easily learn 40 pro tips of Adobe Photoshop: Retouching , Face Lift , Poster Design , Change Hair Color & Eye Color , .



My name is Maryam Moradi.

I am one of the international teachers of design and graphics with Photoshop software and other Adobe software.

All my efforts during these years have been to acquire quick methods and techniques by which you can create the best images in the shortest possible time.

Be sure that you don’t need to know the previous knowledge in Adobe software, especially Photoshop software, but you can learn the best techniques by following my videos and step by step.

So if you don’t know Photoshop, don’t worry, you can use these techniques to create any of these beautiful effects.

In this course you will learn:

  • Retouching Techniques and skin tricks
  • Add beard and stubble to men’s face
  • Correct retouching acne freckles on skin
  • Fast skin reporting
  • Contouring on the skin and face
  • Light and coloring- change colors displacement colors
  • Add bright shine and light to pale image.
  • Add neon lights to photos and objects
  • Turn red and yellow autumn summer and spring
  • Change hair color to any colors
  • Change eyes color to any color
  • Convert image to several colors and drawing as pen drawing
  • Turn real picture to oil painting
  • Add 2 color effects and loud halos
  • Make freezing and Ice effect on subject
  • Changing color hair and clothes
  • Photomontage and animation
  • Photomontage advanced
  • Photomontage in advanced session
  • Creating motion and an animations by images
  • Effect with text and word
  • put text inside object
  • add long text around object
  • add colored smoke around text
  • put text around object
  • merge text by image for logo
  • Background effects
  • moving parts of object
  • expand background and increase background
  • create speeding on background
  • removing the object
  • Photoshop for programmers
  • Framing and advanced effects
  • turn picture to pencil drawing
  • make frame for pictures
  • convert image text object to gold leaf
  • moving pixel image to 3D image
  • Make face-changing
  • double exposure technique match image together
  • convert image to broken pieces
  • converting image to striped image
  • make ghost like design
  • icon engraving on woods

You’re gonna learn 40 pro tricks of Photoshop

So, with many great tip and trick here i am to help you to become the pro Photoshop user.

Why you’re waiting?

Let’s get started!

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