Beginner’s Guide to 3D Character Animation with Cascadeur

Beginner’s Guide to 3D Character Animation with Cascadeur, Learning how to animate games and movies from scratch with the free animation software Cascadeur.

This course is designed for beginner animators who want to learn Cascadeur software and the basic principles of creating physically correct animation.

You will find this course useful if you want:

· Get know the basic terminology that is used in animation

· Understand physical principles in animation: center of mass, ballistic curves, angular moments, etc.

· Get acquainted with the interface and basic principles of Cascadeur software

· Learn how to correctly create poses for characters so that they look the most realistic

· How to use the AI based tools of Cascadeur: AutoPosing and AutoPhysics

The course is built on a linear structure, moving from basic operating principles and animation to more complex things. Each lecture is supplemented by various examples, both your own and based on things you know.

In the lectures on jumps, poses and working with the Cascadeur toolkit, you can create different animations to see how it works live.

Going forward, we would like to expand the training with a deeper dive into each of Cascadeur software’s unique tools. So if there is something you miss in the lecture or something you don’t understand, we would be happy to get your feedback here or in the Cascadeur community.

If you are interested in studying physics in animation, creating animations which come close to reality, then come in and you won’t be disappointed!

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