How to start a Livepeer Orchestrator and make passive income

How to start a Livepeer Orchestrator and make passive income, A complete step by step guide to get you started with Livepeer and launch a Livepeer Orchestrator node.

In this video series we will guide you through in detail how to be a part of the growing network of Livepeer. Livepeer aims to be the decentralized video infrastructure of the world and you too can be a part of growing the network by dedicating GPU power and getting paid through rewards in this decentralized protocol.

Livepeer is a leading protocol in the web3 ecosystem that has been in development since 2017. Livepeer plans to incorporate the decentralized transcoding service into the emerging web3 stack and has already proven it’s proof of concept by offering decentralized transcoding service for over 3 years.

By completing this course, you will be apart of providing decentralized visual computing power to the web3 ecosystem.

Bought to you by the Livepeer grant program, this guide will teach you how to connect your machine to be a part of the smartest online retina the has ever seen.

Deepen your knowledge base of blockchain and cryptocurrency, or get started in this exciting and progressive field.

Once you have completed this course and have a fully operational Orchestrator node, you can find further support and resources by joining the Livepeer Discord and Telegram where community members can help you grow and improve your node.

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