Selling Is Simple

Selling Is Simple, Learn how selling is simply a conversation with a purpose.

Course Description

“Selling is a conversation with a purpose”

Discover how you can remove the fear of selling and become a success in sales.

Selling is Simple will teach you what does it take to be success in selling.

To be successful you will discover three aspects of selling to ensure success

  1. Attitude
    Learn how to develop the right mindset in selling, the first rule of success in anything is believing in yourself. Taking personal responsibility for your success is first step in building attitude of success. In Selling is Simple you will learn how to develop a mindset which will ensure your success.
  2. Skills
    Selling requires a certain set of skills, like the gold miners of the Klondike, you will learn:
    Discover a sales process and strategy which will ensure your success in selling
    How to prospects for potential customers and clients
    Discover how to open a discussion with your potential customers and clients
    Learn to make appointments easily and effortlessly with your customers and clients

    Open the sales conversation by building rapport
    Learn to ask pertinent questions to discover your potential customers and clients needs
    Answer your customers and clients concerns and objections
    Get commitment from your potential customers and clients to buy

  3. Knowledge
    Build your product knowledge:
    Discover the how your product or service adds value to your customers and clients
    Understand the difference between the feature, advantages and benefits.
    Discover what a benefit means to your customers and clients
    Learn how you ca solve your customers and clients problems
    Discover how to close the gap your customers and clients from where they are to where they want to be.
    Learn how you can add value to your customers and clients

    If you sincerely want to learn how to sell successfully –
    then this course is for you.

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