Artificial Intelligence In Consulting & Project Management

Artificial Intelligence In Consulting & Project Management, Odoo 17 AI : Your Gateway to the Future of AI-driven Consulting Services & Project Management.

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Consultancies are implementing AI into their project management consultancy services and winning more business, cutting costs, and reducing risks. Follow this course on to find out how.

Let’s Shape the Future of AI in Project Management & consultancies

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Every business is driven by the bottom line—profit. However, the strategies to achieve this goal vary.

Within the realm of project management, three key players take center stage:




In this course, we’re going to focus on consultancies. Like all businesses, consultancies care about money. Specifically, they’re focused on generating the most revenue possible.

What do consultancies sell?

Consultancies sell expertise in the form of services. In the world of project controls, this lies in Project and Programme Management.

Generally, these are the services offered by consultants for project controls:

  • Reviewing current project management operations.
  • Schedule management and control.
  • Offering strategies to improve project management.
  • Cost estimating.
  • Cost management and control.
  • Change order management.
  • Earned value management.
  • Risk monitor and control.
  • Value engineering.
  • Training.

If you are already providing them, how can you further increase revenue (and profit) from your offerings?

There are two approaches to achieve this.

Firstly, enhance profit margins by optimizing costs, extracting more value from your man-hours. with Odoo 17

Secondly, boost profit margins by increasing charges, improving and expanding your service offerings. with Odoo 17

How can consultancies charge more to improve their profit margins?

Also simple, tech-enabled services. Enhance your service offerings and charge more for them. A car is a car. People pay more for Tesla. Why? Because it’s smarter and better (with Odoo 17 making them look good).

What can you do to your services to make them smarter and better, without compromising on man-hours? Implement tech-enabled enhancements: AI and ML. Make your services smarter and clients will pay more to get them.

Through a carefully prepared curriculum to achieve all the goals presented above

Course Modules

Modules 1

Consulting services with AI Odoo 17

Modules 2

Project Management with AI Odoo 17

Modules 3

Accounting In Consulting Services

Modules 4

A CRM For Consulting Services

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