Professional Diploma: Customer Centricity & Design Thinking

Professional Diploma: Customer Centricity & Design Thinking, Professional Diploma: Customer Centricity & Design Thinking by MTF Institute.

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Welcome to Course: Professional Diploma in Customer Centricity & Design Thinking by MTF Institute

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Course provided by MTF Institute of Management, Technology and Finance

MTF is the global educational and research institute with HQ at Lisbon, Portugal, focused on business & professional hybrid (on-campus and online) education at areas: Business & Administration, Science & Technology, Banking & Finance.

MTF R&D center focused on research activities at areas: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Big Data, WEB3, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & Digital Assets, Metaverses, Digital Transformation, Fintech, Electronic Commerce, Internet of Things.

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MTF is present in 208 countries and has been chosen by more than 400 000 students.

Course Author:

Alex Amoroso is a seasoned professional with a rich background in academia and industry, specializing in research methodologies, strategy formulation, and product development. With a Doctorate Degree from the School of Social Sciences and Politics in Lisbon, Portugal, where she was awarded distinction and honour for her exemplary research, Alex Amoroso brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

In addition to her doctoral studies, Ms. Amoroso has served as an invited teacher, delivering courses on to wide range of students from undergraduate level to business students of professional and executives courses. Currently, at EIMT in Zurich, Switzerland, she lectures for doctoral students, offering advanced instruction in research design and methodologies, and in MTF Institute Ms. Amoroso is leading Product Development academical domain.

In synergy between academical and business experience, Ms. Amoroso achieved high results in business career, leading R&D activities, product development, strategic development, market analysis activities in wide range of companies. She implemented the best market practices in industries from Banking and Finance, to PropTech, Consulting and Research, and Innovative Startups.

Alex Amoroso’s extensive scientific production includes numerous published articles in reputable journals, as well as oral presentations and posters at international conferences. Her research findings have been presented at esteemed institutions such as the School of Political and Social Sciences and the Stressed Out Conference at UCL, among others.

With a passion for interdisciplinary collaboration and a commitment to driving positive change, Alex Amoroso is dedicated to empowering learners and professionals for usage of cutting edge methodologies for achieving of excellence in global business world.

Customer Centricity is a business philosophy that puts the customer at the heart of every decision. It’s about understanding their needs, wants, and motivations, and then using that information to create products, services, and experiences that delight them.

Design Thinking is a human-centered problem-solving process that helps you develop solutions that are not only feasible but also desirable. It’s a iterative approach that involves understanding the problem, brainstorming solutions, prototyping, testing, and refining.

Key Focuses:

  • Empathy: Both customer centricity and design thinking require a deep understanding of the people you’re designing for. This means putting yourself in their shoes and seeing the world from their perspective.
  • Iteration: Neither process is linear. You’ll learn as you go and need to be prepared to adapt your ideas based on new information.
  • Testing: It’s crucial to test your ideas with real customers to see how they respond. This helps ensure that you’re creating something that people actually want and need.

Why They’re Important:

For Companies:

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: By focusing on what customers want, you’re more likely to create products and services that they’ll love. This leads to higher satisfaction, loyalty, and repeat business.
  • Improved Innovation: Customer centricity and design thinking can help companies develop new products and services that are more likely to be successful.
  • Reduced Costs: Understanding customer needs upfront can help avoid costly mistakes down the road.

For Careers:

  • In-Demand Skills: The ability to think creatively and solve problems from a customer’s perspective is highly sought after by employers.
  • Increased Marketability: These skills can help you stand out from the competition and land your dream job.
  • Better Problem-Solving: You’ll develop a more holistic approach to problem-solving that considers not just the technical feasibility of a solution but also its desirability and usability.

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