Master Course in Business Process Management (BPM) 2.0

Master Course in Business Process Management (BPM) 2.0, Business Process Management (BPM), Process Modeling and Design, BPM Metrics and Reporting, Process Analysis.

Course Description

Business Process Management (BPM)

This comprehensive course on Business Process Management (BPM) offers a detailed exploration into the methodologies and practices essential for enhancing organizational efficiency and effectiveness. Beginning with an introduction to BPM, participants will gain a solid foundation in the core concepts and principles that underpin this discipline. As the course progresses, students will delve into process modeling and design, equipping them with the skills to map out and optimize business processes. Through hands-on experience, learners will engage in process analysis, identifying areas for improvement and implementing strategies to streamline operations.

In the latter part of the course, the focus shifts to the practical aspects of BPM, including process implementation and execution. Participants will explore the role of automation and technology in driving process improvements, and understand the critical aspects of governance, risk, and compliance in BPM. The course also covers BPM metrics and reporting, enabling students to measure and monitor process performance effectively. Concluding with future trends and innovations in BPM, this course prepares participants to stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of business process management.

In this master course, I would like to teach the 8 major topics:

Module 1: Introduction to Business Process Management (BPM)

Module 2: Process Modeling and Design

Module 3: Process Analysis

Module 4: Process Implementation and Execution

Module 5: Process Automation and Technology

Module 6: Governance, Risk, and Compliance in BPM

Module 7: BPM Metrics and Reporting

Module 8: Future Trends and Innovations in BPM

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