How To Make A Professional Website With WordPress 2021

How To Make A Professional Website With WordPress 2021, For Entrepreneurs, Creatives & Small Business Owners.

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In one click, you can have a professional-looking website in just about any market you can think of.

My name is James Stafford the creator of websites made easy.TV

In this video —

My goal for you in this video is to make a WordPress website that is so simple and fun to do and not only that ..

But also personal and unique to you..

If your not familiar with WordPress it is is by far the most popular way to make a website in the world. It’s used by Sony, ups, GM, best buy the New York Times, Jay Z, and Katy Perry. Just to name a few

So you’re in good company.

Now we’re going to do this using a couple of free tools that make it fully customizable so that you can create anything that you want its awesome,

Check this out ..

All you do choose the website that you want to import.

In just about any market, you can think of.

Once you find it, then just click Import.

After you do that, you can literally change anything to create your website.

Think of it like playing with simple legos kit. You have various blocks or individual sections that you can put together like Legos.








Services section




And you can customize all the sections and build a website however you want it.

It’s just really tailored for your specific needs.

I’ll put it to you this way if you can send an email you can build a WordPress website.

Just simple step by step instructions one step at a time. section by section

And whats killer is the website we are gonna be creating it’s going to look like Webpro build this bad boy..

over the years we’ve helped lots of people with our WordPress tutorials all over the world just like you get started with the first website..

I want to share with you one story of someone that started with his website a couple of years back and he said that it changed his life ..

My hope is this video will inspire you to take the step to get started with your website

This is gonna be a lot of fun I can’t wait to get started!

There are so many resources available to us to create the kind of life that we deserve…and to meet our goals..

We helped thousands of people around the world just like you make their first website and  we really enjoy and love doing this and it can be very overwhelming and scary starting your first website so my goal for you is to make this process very simple straightforward and fun enjoyable experience that you can create a website it’s truly unique and personal to you

If you’re looking to create a professional website, your an Entrepreneur Small Business owner, content creator.

You’re in the right place.

The goal for this video is to show you how to create a website that is professional, personal and unique to you..

Remember your website is an extension of you really a reflection of you so we want to be able to create something for you that’s truly unique..

I’ve been building websites close to 10 years now and it’s never been then easy to do just that.

we’re going to do this with a couple of free tools which are called Elementor and Envato Elements that will allow us to literally create anything that you want to.

Check this out all you have to do is import the site you want with one click and you have a website ready to go.

All you have to do is change the images and text to customize it perfectly to your liking

So, let’s get into it…

This is the website that we’re gonna be creating today… And remember this is all customizable and really easy to do.

This is just one of many different sites you can choose from and if you learn how to do the way i am going to show you, then you can pick and choose customize whatever kind of site you want to create.

So just imagine for a minute as I take you on your website tour what you will do to make your site personal and unique to you.

So for the first section

We have this Killer hero image that will really capture your audience with these layered effects and call to action.

What I love about this hero section it’s really polished as you’ll see with this site it is just very clean and professional

Next, we have another section to highlight a service of yours or something that’s unique about you or your business. This is a great way to really Spotlight something unique about you to create a connection with your audience.

Then in this section, we have this clean image Carousel to showcase your portfolio of work or just pictures of yourself or things you enjoy.

Then you have your service section, which I refer to as your roadmap the journey that you’re going to take people on as they get to know you or your business..

And then we have another spotlight section.

And if there’s a section you don’t want you just click this and it disappears or you can move these around like I said stack them like Legos.

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