Data analysis & Business Intelligence | Advanced MySQL

Data analysis & Business Intelligence | Advanced MySQL, Learn Advanced MySQL skills in real-world projects as a Senior data analyst.

NOTE: This is an ADVANCED SQL course, built on topics and skills covered in the previous course or on prior knowledge in SQL queries… Please have the minimum prerequisite skills or complete the Beginner SQL course to be able to complete the course

In this course, you will develop real-world analytics and Business Intelligence skills using Advanced SQL by Analyzing an eCommerce store to get insight into the performance of the website, products and user experience

GUARANTEED, instead of learning some advanced codes, in this course you will learn how to apply the advanced skills, analyzing the data and doing Business analysis too

We will walk through real project database of eCommerce store for toys  from scratch

You will be playing a role as Data Analyst working directly with executives CEO and Directors to help grow the business, analyzing performance and optimize the store, website, products, and user experience

You will use advanced skills such TEMPORARY TABLESubqueries to solve multistep data problem which make you THINK like an ANALYST


  • Introduction from downloading SQL server to connect the database

    In this section we will take about how to install MySQL workbench and connect the database to the server plus creating  a connection, after watching this part make sure you have the relevant skills including SELECT statements, Aggregate Functions and tables joins.

  • Analyzing Traffic source

    In this section we will warm up and do some review for some queries, then we will analyze where our traffic source coming from, how different sources perform in terms of traffic volume, calculate conversion rates, analyzing bids and optimize it, trend analysis

  • Analyzing website performance

    In this section we will analyze website pageviews and use TEMPORAY TABLE, calculate bounce rate, analyzing landing page, and use SUBQUERIES

  • Analyzing Channel portfolio management

    In this section we will compare channels and do multi channel bidding , also analyzing bid changes impact, traffic breakdown.

  • Analyzing Business Patterns and Seasonality

    In this section we will dig deeper into traffic analysis and explore more about organic and paid campaign, also seasonality and business patterns analysis

  • Product Analysis

    In this section we will break down sales on product level, conversion rates and cross-selling patterns and refund rates analysis to keep quality

  • User Analysis

    In this section we deep analyze user behavior and analyze the repeated sessions to identify most valuable customers and explore which channels they are coming from

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