Change Management For Beginners

Change Management For Beginners, Lead Your Transformation To Success In 5 Pillars!

Course Description

This change management course covers the key principles and practices of effective change management. You will learn how to develop a change strategy & change management plan, implement change within an organization, and measure the success of change initiatives. Are you the one responsible for leading or managing change within an organization? Then my course “Change Management For Beginners” is for you!

This course is based on the Titan Change OCM (Organizational Change Management) model which covers every step of a change management process. The model includes key steps such as assessing readiness, developing the change plan, conducting a change impact assessment, communicating the change, managing resistance, and more!

A typical change management project is composed of five phases, each with its own distinct set of deliverables: organizing, collecting, planning, leading, and anchoring. Participants will learn how to holistically manage the entire process from start to finish.

Whether you’re a beginner in change management or an experienced project manager who facilitates change, the advanced tactics, techniques, and insights that I’ll share with you in this course will enhance your capabilities and guarantee you better outcomes.

Organizational change is a difficult endeavor for any leader or manager. That said, we believe that tapping into the right strategies and utilizing the appropriate tools can help expedite the process and ensure that desired results are achieved!

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