Certification Course in Team Management Skill

Certification Course in Team Management Skill, Learn Leadership, Management, Managerial, Supervisory, Team Building and Interpersonal skills.

Course Description

This course is designed for individuals who want to learn effective team management techniques. It covers the skills and tools necessary for creating and leading high-performing teams.

Key Features:

  • Understand successful team characteristics
    Learn how successful teams operate and what it takes to create one.
  • Motivate and engage team members
    Develop techniques for motivating and engaging team members to produce their best work.
  • Resolve conflicts within teams
    Learn strategies for effectively resolving conflicts that arise within teams.
  • Improve team communication and collaboration
    Learn how to facilitate effective communication and collaboration among team members.
  • Set goals and measure team progress
    Gain insights into how to set achievable goals for teams and measure progress towards those goals.
  • Gain insights into team management leadership
    Understand the role of leadership in team management and develop techniques for effective leadership.

In this course, the concept and required skill set has been described in a methodical and step by step approach. Team Management requires not only a managerial skill but also leadership, motivational and resource management skills

This is a complete video no ppt course where the instructor will explain the concepts with the concept and it’s application.

The course has multiple real time case study and assignments which will help to understand the industry practice.

This course will help you to learn

· All the important Leadership skills and concepts

· Important managerial and management skills

· Corporate skills which is required to manage any senior positions

· Motivational and inspirational skills

· Interpersonal communication

This is an ideal course if you

· Aspiring Manager

· Existing managers want to manage better

· Who is looking for promotion or senior level assistant


Introduction and Structure

Self-Leadership and Management Style

· Leadership and Management

· Self-Leadership

Interpersonal Skill and Leadership

· Interpersonal Skills

· Leadership and Communication

Leadership and Conflict Management

· Conflict Management

· Counseling Session

· Styles of Conflict Management

Team Building

· Team Building

· Team Members:

· Team Dynamics

· Team Development

· Team Activity

Managing Your Team

· Understanding leadership

· Motivating others

· Working as a team

· Setting objectives

· Effective Supervision

Managing Resources and Workloads

· Whom and What you want

· Managing workload

· Managing Team and Leadership

· Managing Resource

· Managing Team

Leadership Concept

· Leadership Introduction

· Emotional Intelligence

· Problem Solving & Decision Making

Leadership and Motivation

· Motivation in Organization

· ERG Theory

· McClelland Theory

· Decision and Motivation

· House Goals Theory

· Participative Leadership

· Leader qualities

· Incentive & Rewards

· Contingency Theories

· Marlow’s Hierarchy Theory

Leadership in Organisation

· Planning Learning Innovation

· Leadership in Organisation

· Managerial Work & Effective Leadership Behaviour

Workforce Analytics

· Workforce data and analysis

· Project and utilization

Assessments and Assignments

· Assessment based Assignment

· Different managerial and leadership styles

· Team Conflict Assessment

· Team Dynamic Assessment

· Team Communication Assessment

· Motivation Technique Assessment

· Delegation Assessment

· Conflict Management Assignment

· Assignments 1, 2, 3 and 4

Case Study and Analysis

· Foster a collaborative work environment

· Promote teamwork and synergy.

· Case Study 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9

Critical Managerial Skills: Decision, Problem, Thinking and Reasoning

· Thinking Skill

· Defining Problem

· Problem Solving and Critical Reasoning

· Critical Reasoning

· Creating Option

· Gathering Option

· Evaluation Option

· Decision Making

Critical Supervisory Skills

· Persuading Skill

· Delegation

· Coordination

· Facilitation

Practical Assignments and Downloads

· Managerial and leadership styles

· FIRO B and Assessment

· Understanding the conflict management style and assessment

· Team Dynamic Assessment

· Belbin team roles

Practical Team Building Case Study and Games

· Practical Team Building Case study

· 30 Team-Building Games, Activities, and Ideas

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