Advanced Mortgage Loan Processor: Essential Skills Training

Advanced Mortgage Loan Processor: Essential Skills Training, Finibi Mortgage CEO, Joe Correa, teaches you how to take your mortgage loan processor career to the next level.


Advanced mortgage loan processor training will give you the knowledge to earn a higher income. This course goes from theory to practical examples. Lenders are hiring mortgage loan processors by the hundreds!

This fast-paced course will go over the most fundamental tasks processors need to master such as: requesting a change in circumstance, being able to read and understand Loan Prospector findings, outsource basic processing tasks to third party vendors which will reduce your time on repetitive tasks and will allow you to focus more on providing the best service possible. You will also learn to calculate salaried and self-employed borrowers income quickly and easily with practice questions taught by the instructor. Besides that, you’ll also review common calculations you will see every day in an exercise format. These realistic exercises will teach you how to calculate the debt-to-income ratio, loan-to-value, cash to close, borrowers middle credit score when you only have two credit scores or just one, plus, how to calculate all of these in one loan scenario. This course will even go over a real life conditional approval in detail just like you will need to do when you process loans for banks and lenders. If you’re looking to start a career in real estate or mortgage and want to receive a salary and not a commission, becoming a loan processor is the right choice.

Main benefits of this course and of being an advanced mortgage loan processor are:

– Earn a great starting salary and possibly a sign on bonus

This course includes the contact information for 2 lenders that are currently hiring and need loan processors and other mortgage positions paying $40,000 – $100,000+ per year.

– Work remotely from home and have a flexible work schedule

– Become an expert on home mortgages

– Quickly and easily change careers into a high demand market

Once you start working as a mortgage loan processor, you can quickly move up to becoming a senior loan processor which are the highest paid form of loan processors. By completing this course, you will learn much of the knowledge senior loan processors have which will allow you to increase your income and potential for other higher paid positions within a bank, lender, or mortgage company.

The first section of this course will take you through three enormously important elements of loan processing: quickly running the debt-to-income ratio, loan-to-value, and calculating the cash to close for different borrowers. How to calculate a salaried and self-employed borrowers income. In the second section of this course, you will learn what lenders are the easiest to process loans with and what tools they offer to make processing faster. You will also learn what lenders are hiring and how to get hired by using some of the techniques which I have seen work in the past.

Once you complete this course, you will have advanced loan processing knowledge and a course diploma to show employers. A course diploma will be available to you when all sections have been completed at 100% which you can save or print. For instructions on downloading your course diploma you can go to:

Your instructor

Joseph Correa is the founder and CEO of Finibi Mortgage, a licensed mortgage brokerage business based out of Orlando, Florida. Having closed hundreds of mortgage loans and processed many of them, he has the necessary processing knowledge to help you become a success. In the past, he has also owned a correspondent lender business and invested in real estate.

This course is more advanced so if you haven’t taken my “Become a Mortgage Loan Processor” course, I would suggest you start with that one first but you are welcome to start with this one and then move on to that one.

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