The Use of Smartphone in Teaching and Learning

The Use of Smartphone in Teaching and Learning, Learn how to use your Smartphone to improve teaching and learning.

This is an online course concerning different techniques and basic knowledge on how to make the teaching and learning process interactive, collaborative, and participatory purposefully with the intention of increasing learning gains, also covering the gap left by the scarcity of desktop computers and laptops in working areas.

Also, the course’s main stakeholders are teachers who are the targeted learner who intends to be the major player in the learning context. The project will not extend much to other professional fields of expertise since teachers are the ones who are in touch directly in one way or another in the deployment of technology in education to improve learning gains.

The course as entitled focuses on the creation of basic knowledge regarding some areas in the smartphone only, it will not extend to other technological devices like computers, printers, etc.

A general observation is that teachers in schools and higher learning institutions in developing countries are reluctant to use Smartphones for teaching and learning activities, therefore there is a need to explore the underlying reasons for this phenomenon. This course has been prepared purposely to give teachers skills and knowledge on the effective use of their smartphones to improve teaching and learning.

Using Smartphones for educational purposes fits into the realm of the mobile learning (or M-learning) paradigm which is considered to be an extension of electronic learning (or E-learning). M-learning is a medium of learning that uses mobile devices to create educational opportunities and deliver information. The increased computing capabilities of mobile devices and their availability have created significant interest among educators to use them in promoting formal and informal learning (Brown, 2005).

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