Teaching children letter sounds: Foundations for reading 4

Teaching children letter sounds: Foundations for reading 4, Part 4: Foundations for becoming independent, fluent readers who love to read.

Teaching children letter sounds part 4

Do you want to practice or help someone practice their reading skills so that they can become fluent readers? In this series the focus of this course will be on practising the word families an, ug, un, ob, op, ag and I will also be going over a set of frequent words.

The method will be call and response, where first I will model reading the word and invite the learners and viewers to respond when I make an inviting hand gesture

The intention of this course is to share how to

  1. Read words in the word families ending with an, ug, un, ob, op and ag
  2. Read independently frequent words in the english language such as said, look, long, way and find

My hope is that this course will help beginning readers develop the confidence and skills necessary to help them along in their learning to read journey.

My journey and passion for reading came when I had the insight that letter sound knowledge is very important for learners to become fluent readers.

I think the direct instruction of modelling the phonics process method can be a helpful tool in helping develop independent, fluent readers who enjoy reading

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