Structural Engineering Basics in Civil Engineering

Structural Engineering Basics in Civil Engineering, Learn Fundamentals Required to Excel in Civil Engineering & Structural Engineering Field in Building Construction.

This Course Covers the Fundamentals Required to Be a Successful Civil And Structural Engineer.

This Course is for Entry Level Civil & Structural Engineers to gain their Knowledge and understand the Practical Aspects of Building Construction

Following are the list of Topics Covered in this Course, theses Questions are frequently Asked in Interview and one Should know the Practical Aspects of the Building and its Application

  1. Column l Beam l Slab  Thumb Rules
  2.   How to Decide Beam Size in Building
  3. How to Decide Column & Slab Sizes
  4. One way & two Slab Difference l Most asked Question in Interview
  5. Where to Provide Steel in Cantilever Beam
  6. Lapping of Bars l Lap Length  l How to do Lapping l
  7. Development Length
  8. where to do Lapping in Beams l
  9. Lapping in Columns
  10. Lapping in Slabs
  11. List of Structural Engineering Question l Code Books
  12. Concept of  Beam Lapping
  13. Importance of Development Length
  14. Where to Lap Bars in Column
  15. Importance of Hysd Bars
  16. Where to Lap and where not to Lap in Slabs
  17. Where to Lap and where not to Lap in Beams
  18. Where to Lap and where not to Lap in Column

Students can Apply this knowledge in their Interviews or when they start to work in the Construction industry.

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