Operating Systems

Operating Systems, CPU Scheduling algorithms, Threads.

Course Description

Operating system provides the interface between user and computer hardware. The course covers the process scheduling and Thread concepts of Operating System. The course starts with an introduction about process and covers the topics such as Process, Process Scheduling, CPU Scheduling, Various CPU Scheduling algorithms and Threads. Process is nothing bus an program in execution. Process scheduling there are three types of Queues like ready queue,job queue and device queue was elaborated in detail. There are two types of scheduling non preemptive and preemptive. CPU Scheduling algorithms link first come first serve, Shortest job first, priority and round robin algorithm was discussed in detail. In Lecture 5 diffrence between single threaded and multithreading and advantages of multithreading was discussed in detail. Multithreading models like one to one, many to one and many to many was discussed in detail. It will help you to understand the importance of the Operating System in the computer science field. And after completion of this course, you will be able to understand the Process scheduling concept in Operating System easily.

Career Prospects:

Learning the Operating System course will help you to make a career in different fields and positions such as:

  1. System Engineer
  2. Application Engineer
  3. Operating Systems Engineer

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