Methods of Teaching English

Methods of Teaching English, Master 9 major methods of teaching English.

Course Description

Welcome to the Methods of Teaching English course.

Do you want to enhance your teaching skills and have a variety of tools and techniques to boost your performance? Are you eager to learn new methods and understand how to deal with the students properly in different situations? If yes, then this is your IDEAL COURSE that will help you in gaining a bunch of methods, approaches and techniques.

This course is designed precisely for all the current and future teachers of English who want to be able to use various ways of teaching in their career. By the end of the course, you will have mastered 9 major methods of teaching English with more than 60 different techniques. typically, the methods we will be walking through are as follows:

  1. Grammar Translation Method.
  2. The Direct Method.
  3. Audio-Lingual Method.
  4. Silent Way Method.
  5. Desuggestopedia Method.
  6. Community Language Learning.
  7. Total Physical Response.
  8. The Natural Approach.
  9. Communicative Language Teaching.

Mastering the methods in this course will be a decent advantage to amplify your teaching abilities and will be an ideal push for you to set yourself apart as a unique English teacher. We will watch how each method is implemented by walking through all its different aspects thoroughly. We will cover both the theoretical and practical parts of each method by watching them in a virtual classroom with animated students and a teacher so we can understand the method entirely. All the methods are divided into several aspects, the aspects include:

  • An introduction of the method.
  • The goals of the method.
  • The role of both the students and the teacher.
  • The nature of interaction between the teacher and the students, and among the students.
  • The use of the students’ native language.
  • The teaching and learning process.
  • How language culture is viewed.
  • The language skills that are emphasized.
  • The treatment of errors.
  • Dealing with students’ feelings.
  • The occurrence of evaluation.
  • Useful techniques within the method.

Now you might be wondering, who am I to design this course?

I’m an English teacher and I have been teaching since 2012. I have a BA in English Language Teaching, I’m having my CELTA certificate by July, and I’m a current MA graduate student specialised in Applied Linguistics which deals with English Language Acquisition, Teaching & Learning. I’m also a graphic designer and a video editor; and since I’m a tech-savvy that is passionate about English Language Teaching, I have used both my computer and teaching skills to create this course for you so I can give you the best online learning experience possible.

If you are ready for the journey, JOIN THE COURSE!!!

I’m looking forward to meeting you inside 🙂

Based on:

– Diane Larsen-Freeman, Techniques and principles in language teaching (2000).

– Dr. Bill Flick, Summary of principles in language teaching (2013).

– Stephen D. Krashen & Tracy D. Terrel, Language acquisition in the classroom (1995).

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