Metaverse for Education Masterclass 1

Metaverse for Education Masterclass 1, Learn the Basics to Start your First Virtual Reality Classroom + Live sessions in VR (Headset not Required)

This course is an introductory course that will teach you first steps to teach or coach in VR. The course covers topics such as setting up a VR environment in terms of signing up, moving in the VR platform, integrating third party apps, adding tools like 3D assets, images, PDF files and others.

This is the first of four masterclasses. The following ones will be more advanced including innovative pedagogies and ways to motivate learners.

The videos focus more on webVR platforms that can also be accessible via a head-mounted display.

There are several reasons why teaching in VR can motivate learners. First, research supports that VR can provide a more immersive experience for students, which can help them learn better. Additionally, VR can be used to simulate real-world scenarios, which can be helpful for teaching subjects like chemistry, language or cultural customs. Finally, VR can be a more engaging and fun learning experience for both students and teachers.

There are a number of different VR applications and tools that can be used for teaching. The course includes an ebook that introduces terms like VR, AR, and MR. the ebook also includes descriptions of some VR platforms that can also help with the video tutorials.

The course encompasses 3 quizzes that cover the terms, and applications discussed in the course.

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