Mastering Linear Algebra and Group Theory for 2023

Mastering Linear Algebra and Group Theory for 2023, Learn Linear Algebra Concepts with simple examples.

Course Description

  • analyze the solution set of a system of linear equations.
  • express some algebraic concepts (such as binary operation, group, field).
  • do elementary matrix operations.
  • express a system of linear equations in a matrix form.
  • do the elementary row operations for the matrices and systems of linear equations.
  • investigate the solution of a system using Gauss elimination.
  • apply Cramer’s rule for solving a system of linear equations, if the determinant of the matrix of coefficients of the system is not zero.
  • generalize the concepts of a real (complex) vector space to an arbitrary finite-dimensional vector space.
  • definite a vector space and subspace of a vector space.
  • explain properties of R^n and sub-spaces of R^n.
  • determine whether a subset of a vector space is linear dependent.
  • describe the concept of a basis for a vector space.
  • investigate properties of vector spaces and sub-spaces using by linear transformations.
  • express linear transformation between vector spaces.
  • represent linear transformations by matrices.
  • explain what happens to representing matrices when the ordered basis is changed.
  • describe the concepts of eigenvalue, eigenvector and characteristic polynomial.
  • determine whether a linear transformation is diagonalizable or not.

Who this course is for:

  • Academic Students.
  • Competitive Exam Preparation Aspirants.

Important information before you enroll!

  • Once enrolled, you have unlimited, 24/7, lifetime access to the course (unless you choose to drop the course during the first 30 days).
  • You will have instant and free access to any updates I’ll add to the course – video lectures, additional resources, quizzes, exercises.
  • You will benefit from my full support regarding any question you might have.
  • Check out the promo video at the top of this page and some of the free preview lectures in the curriculum to get a taste of my teaching style and methods before making your decision

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