Introduction to Water Management

Introduction to Water Management, Understanding Industrial and Domestic Water Management.

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My name is Pradeep; I am a civil engineer with 35 years of expertise managing water supply for townships and big industries like steel plants. And I was responsible for the water treatment requirements for their particular needs. I’m enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge of how to manage water. Now, what are we going to cover? Well, first of all, I’ll start by giving you an idea of the concept of how water is managed. It’s just not about dams or canals or even infrastructure like treatment plants and distribution networks for townships and industrial purposes; it’s much more than that. So let’s get started.

Industries and Townships don’t give enough attention to the importance of water management. Water is an essential resource for our lives and health, but many people take it for granted.

We will go over various disciples of water management and how to make better decisions about this critical resource. And how it affects the environment, society, and individuals on a global scale.

The world is 70% water, but this sacred resource is not always available to everyone, leading to immense water scarcity on our planet. Water management is a big topic that affects many aspects of life, from society to the environment. It affects plants and wildlife when they are over-pumped from natural streams and lakes, and harvesting the natural supply causes a lack of food for aquatic species in these waters. Learn more about ways to manage, conserve, and share this resource that we have with our planet.

We will go over various disciplines of water management and how to make better decisions when it comes to this critical resource. Examples include environmental flow, landscape design, sustainable agriculture, ecological flow design principles, Water footprint, stormwater harvesting, supply planning for townships and industries.

Water management is all about making intelligent decisions when it comes to freshwater supplies. Sources of water include Rivers, ponds, lakes, wetlands, aquifers, and glaciers.

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