Introduction to Manufacturing Processes

Introduction to Manufacturing Processes, Basic understanding about the manufacturing processes

Course Description

The course “Introduction to Manufacturing processes” is an introductory course and it will provide a great opportunity to the beginners to learn about manufacturing and its processes. This course can be taken by anyone who wants to learn a new topic and this course will be helpful for the students who have started their career in the fields of manufacturing, production, mechanical and industrial. This course is a best meant for the beginners. Manufacturing is related in our day to day activities as such that all the products that we are using in our daily life are manufactured. The products that consumers use comes from the raw materials and these raw materials are converted into usable products that the consumers think that it has the value for the money that they pay for that product. The manufacturing process can be of both subtractive or additive process. The subtractive process is most widely used method. In subtractive process, the large block of work material is loaded onto the machine tool and the cutting tool will be employed which will be held in the tool holder. The cutting tool is fed towards the work material and the cutting tool removes the unnecessary material from the work material. The waste materials removed from the work material by the use of cutting tool are called as chips. This is an interesting topic which is included in the lectures of this course. Going through the course fully helps the students understand about many such interesting manufacturing processes.

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