How to Conduct a Literature Review: A Practical 6 Step Guide

How to Conduct a Literature Review: A Practical 6 Step Guide, Mastering the Art of Crafting Comprehensive Literature Reviews: A Step-by-Step Guide.

Course Description

This course provides a structured roadmap to guide researchers, scholar, scientists and students through the intricate process of crafting a comprehensive literature review. Comprising six sequential steps, this course ensures a systematic approach:

  1. Topic Selection: Identify and Define the Problem
  2. Argument Development: Create a Problem-Solving Process
  3. Literature Search: Gather and Organize Information
  4. Literature Survey: Unearth Evidence and Form Conclusions
  5. Literature Critique: Interpret Findings
  6. Review Writing: Communicate and Evaluate Conclusions

Each section delves into key concepts and offers practical activities and checklists to foster professional mastery. Craftsmanship in creating an effective literature review demands multifaceted skills. This course consolidates strategies, tools, and techniques employed by seasoned researchers, offering a comprehensive approach rather than relying solely on trial and error.

The course employs an applied critical-thinking model, elucidating the logical progression vital for generating a high-quality literature review. It aims primarily at two groups: individuals finalizing master’s theses and those engaged in doctoral dissertations. For research assignments and most master’s projects, it covers summarizing and evaluating existing knowledge. Doctoral dissertations, Postdoc researchers, clinical scientists and certain master’s theses demand a more advanced review. The course also aids in initiating complex reviews that necessitate defining and advocating for a problem necessitating original research.

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