Free Advanced English Grammar (part 1)

Free Advanced English Grammar (part 1), Let’s learn advanced English Grammar , enjoy it for free.

Hi everyone,as you know I’m Mahdi and I created another course that you can enjoy and watch free so Let’s talk about it.  many students sent messages for me that please talke about infinitive and gerund so I decided to provide. This course is not just about infinitive and gerund’s explaining ambiguous Grammar.  Like past modals,reporting speech,passive and used to … I’m gonna Teach these in easy way that Be sure you will understand completely..but after that you need to practice for learning perfectly.  Don’t miss the chance and Learn it even watch one Lecture in a day but watch it because details make perfect .Let’s get back to our subject as I was saying ambiguous Grammar need to be instructed in a right way that students realize what’s going on.. it’s not just about Grammar its about speaking correctly and it’s about culture so don’t do something or do it perfectly. as result if you watched this course and Learn it you can comment your ideas about it ..  or some recommendations for other courses.

You are gonna Learn:

  • Infinitive and gerund
  • Reported speech
  • past modals
  • Passive and active
  • Used to ..

I can’t explain more than that about Advanced Grammar but remember this is just about Advanced Grammar(part 1)

We are going to create more than that for you .

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