EViews-Econometrics-Regression analysis

EViews-Econometrics-Regression analysis, Learning EViews.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Types of Data
  • What are the different sites for data citations
  • How to import data in E-views
  • checking the stationarity of the data
  • converting time series data into panel data
  • Estimating and Interpreting OLS
  • Assumptions of Classical Linear Regression Model (CLRM)
  • Detection and Removal of Autocorrelation
  • Detection and Removal of Heteroskedasticity
  • Normality using Jorque Bera test
  • Johansen cointegration test
  • Estimation and interpretation of ARDL model

The purpose for creating this course is that all of you can able to estimate and run the different models for estimation using Eviews. All the lectures are designed in a sequential manner and then connect the quizzes and assignment with the videos, you will have a great benefit in your professional career.

There are many types of data in economics, but in this course, I have only mentioned and discussed those data types which are mostly used for estimation and prediction when it comes to economics.

When it comes to downloading data, it is an easy yet very difficult task because most of the students don’t know from where and how they should download data. Therefore it is also discussed how and from where you can download data.

In this course, each and every step is discussed, not only discussed, but I have shown them practically. So it will be beneficial for the learners to apply them in future life.’

In the assumption of classical linear regression model, I have discussed them through mathematically as well as using EVeiws.

This course  will able you to learn about the regression models, and you will learn that how to create dummy variables, and how to make panel data.

You will learn also about ARCH and GARCH family in this course.

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