Chemistry (Course 1 of 4) An Inquiry-Based Approach

Chemistry (Course 1 of 4) An Inquiry-Based Approach, Learn Chemistry Like a Scientist. Course 1: The Fundamentals.

Course Description

This curriculum covers the following topics through a series of courses with learner-centered, inquiry-based, and teacher-supported activities that use models, investigative questioning, and mathematical relationships to help you discover the wonderful world of Chemistry.  It is a unique, fun, and effective way to learn.  No textbook required.  The activities guide you to learn the concepts and the teacher instruction will complement and support the discovery process.  The activities are used with permission from the POGIL Project.


Course 1 (This Course) (free):

  • Introduction to Chemistry
    Fundamentals of Experimental Design

    Organizing Data

    Significant Digits and Measurement

    Significant Zeros

    Classification of Matter

Course 2 (A Separate Course) ($49):

  • Atomic and Electron Structure



    Average Atomic Mass

    Coulombic Attraction

    Electron Energy and Light

    Electron Configurations

  • Periodic Table

    Cracking the Periodic Table Code

    Periodic Trends

  • Ionic and Molecular Compounds

    Naming Ionic Compounds

    Polyatomic Ions

    Naming Molecular Compounds

    Naming Acids

    Molecular Geometry

Course 3 (A Separate Course) ($49):

  • Chemical Reactions and Stoichiometry

    Types of Chemical Reactions

    Relative Mass and Mole

    Mole Ratios

    Limiting and Excess Reactants

  • Properties of Gases

    Gas Variables

  • Solubility and Solutions

    Saturated and Unsaturated Solutions



Course 4 (A Separate Course) ($49):

  • Thermochemistry


    Bond Energy

  • Equilibrium in Reactions


  • Acids and Bases

    Acids and Bases Introduction

    Strong versus Weak Acids

    Calculating pH

  • Oxidation and Reduction

    Oxidation and Reduction Reactions

    The Activity Series


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