Big Dave’s: Basics of the TI-89 for College Algebra

Big Dave’s: Basics of the TI-89 for College Algebra, Graphing functions, Solving Equations, Operations on Fractions / Mixed Numbers, and Solving Linear Systems of Equations..

This course is meant to give the learner a solid foundation in the TI-89 for success in either an Intermediate or College Algebra course.  The TI-8x series calculators have reduced the difficulty of College Algebra by perhaps 50% from the “Dark Ages” of taking College Algebra!  The usage of graphing calculators has not lowered the rigor but allows students to focus more on the applications and challenging parts of the course.  Students no longer have to do some of the mundane mathematical calculations.

This course covers fractions/mixed numbers, graphing, solving equations, solving systems of equations, zooming, t-charts, and evaluating functions.  In this course, the TI-89 calculator is covered.  Many students come into a college algebra class that requires a TI-83 or TI-84 and they are quite lost in the course.  The TI-89 is radically different than the TI-83 or TI-84.  The buttons and menus are not the same and cannot easily be found by most students.

Technology has become an important component of mathematics.  Even if you are in a class that does not allow a TI-89 calculator, you can use it to double-check your work by hand.

This course covers just the important parts of the TI-89 calculator for usage in College Algebra.  There are many other functions that are not covered.  If you decide to take the course, good luck with it and the future algebra course that you are planning on taking!

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