Basic Laws of Electrical Circuits

Basic Laws of Electrical Circuits, Learn Electrical Circuits with Very Basic laws

In the era of Electrical Engineering circuits are common topic for everyone. To learn about circuits, we have to know the construction of a circuit.

Ohm’s Law is most important for every single circuit. There is huge discussion about Ohm’s Law with mathematical example. After completing this clear concept we can easily solve any type problem related with Ohm’ Law.

We have discussed the consisting elements of Electrical circuit. You will learn Circuit Elements easily. Circuit Element’s classification and sources also are discussed. Here we will see power related important problem and solution.

We have in this course the clear concept of Nodes, Branches and Loops. With short example These topics were clearly exposed.

Basic Kirchhoff’s Current Law and Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law both of these laws were totally clear with proper figure explanation. Entering currents in a node is equal to the leaving currents from a node which is all about KCL and the algebraic sum of voltages is zero which is KVL. Very simple to understand.

Lastly you will enjoy the brief discussion about Series Resistors and Current Division and Parallel Resistors and Voltage Division.

With an appropriate derivation, Series Resistors and Current Division and Parallel Resistors and Voltage Division both of them are proved.

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