Autodesk Advance Steel

Autodesk Advance Steel, Design and Detailing of Steel Structures.

Course Description

The course focuses mainly on providing the student with the tools for modeling and detailing steel structures using Autodesk Advance Steel, incorporating all the members, components, and metal connections that make up a project.

The BIM workflow is established in the Autodesk environment and all the construction plans are obtained for the final delivery of a standard project (plans, elevations, sections, connections, stairs, among others). #AulaGEO

You will learn to:

1. Incorporate different types of steel connections to a 3D model, including all its components (plates, bolts, anchors, and welds)

2. Generate the construction plans of a steel structure project, including the details of the connections used.

3. Create automated drawings from the developed model, with integrated change management.

4. Configure processes and custom drawing styles for the generation of the structural details of the project.

5. Extract reports and lists of materials of the entire project carried out.

6. Apply visual programming in Dynamo for task parameterization and automation.

7. Apply BIM interoperability between Advance Steel and other programs such as Revit and Robot Structural Analysis.

Content of the course

Section 1: Introduction to Advance Steel

Lesson 1: Introduction to the software

Lesson 2: Typical workflow

Lesson 3: User interface

Lesson 4: Tool Palettes

Lesson 5: Folder structures

Lesson 6: Auxiliary objects and references

Section 2: Creation of structural models

Lesson 7: Concrete objects

Lesson 8: Profile placement

Lesson 9: Editing composite sections

Lesson 10: Frame portals

Lesson 11: Mono-pitch Frame

Lesson 12: Joists

Lesson 13: Trusses

Lesson 14: Project Explorer

Lesson 15: Purlins

Lesson 16: Bracings

Lesson 17: Creation of new materials

Lesson 18: Creation of new sections

Lesson 19: Curved elements

Lesson 20: Stairs and handrails

Section 3: Connections and details in steel

Lesson 21: Connection palette

Lesson 22: Configurations prior to working with connections

Lesson 23: Connection Properties Dialog

Lesson 24:Connections by templates

Lesson 25: Connection group

Lesson 26: Manage connection pool

Lesson 27: Propagate connections

Lesson 28: Connections involving concrete elements

Lesson 29: Plate making

Lesson 30: Graitings creation

Lesson 31: Folded planks

Lesson 32: Bolts and Welds

Lesson 33: Custom connections

Lesson 34: Custom sections

Lesson 35: Practical example connections

Section 4: Connections and details in steel

Lesson 36: Model verification

Lesson 37: Numbering

Lesson 38: Document Manager

Lesson 39: Camera Creation

Lesson 40: Drawing Processes

Lesson 41: Drawing Style

Lesson 42: Bill of Quantities

Lesson 43: BIM Workflow

Lesson 44: Advance Steel-Revit interoperability

Lesson 45: Advance Steel- Robot Interoperability

Lesson 46: Visual programming in Dynamo

Lesson 47: Automation of repetitive tasks

Lesson 48: Structure optimization


  • It is recommended to have mastery of the CAD environment

Who is this course for?

  • Structural engineers
  • Draftsmen of structural steel projects
  • Technicians and professionals in steel parts workshop
  • BIM modelers in general

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