Adult Education – A teacher’s guide for adult education

Adult Education – A teacher’s guide for adult education, Education 4.0, andragogy, pedagogy, gamification, and more.

Adult Education – A teacher’s guide for adult education

The teacher, who does not learn to communicate with his audience, is no longer a master! He talks, but he doesn’t teach. He speaks, but he doesn’t communicate. Every educator needs to effectively communicate because they have the privilege and responsibility to pass on their knowledge to influence people. This course was developed thinking about you, who intend to convey some message to the adult audience because by understanding how adults learn, you will find ways to develop skills that will facilitate your communication and the transmission of your message. These are short and objective classes related to various educational themes and learning techniques that will be extremely important in teaching.

You will find lessons regarding:

How does the adult learn?

What is gamification in education?

What is Education 4.0?

Apps to facilitate learning.

Sound stimuli.

Visual stimuli

Andragogy VS Pedagogy.

Strategies to implement gamification in teaching.

And much more.

This course was developed for beginners in the areas of Andragogy and Pedagogy, in order to help people who would like to learn more about the topic or teach and educate adults and young people to develop various skills in the academic or corporate world.

Remember that you can clear all your doubts through the platform chat.

See you in chapter one. Bye.

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