A Beginner’s Guide to Air Handling Units (AHU)

A Beginner’s Guide to Air Handling Units (AHU), How to master the true nature of cooling and heating process by understanding the principle of psychrometric chart.

This course is designed for any students who want to know more about AHU working principle, cooling & heating process in psychrometric chart.

Psychrometry is the fundamentals for any air handling process, but there has been too much emphasis on what to do, instead of why we do that.

This course combines both what to do and why we do it in the hope of clearing some misconceptions circulating in the air handling industry.

In addition, AHUs are very flexible in terms of design, this course focuses on the main three components, namely, coil, filter and fan, without going into too much detail on the other uncommon components.

What’s more, with the air handling process, this course is a crash course for people who have not had much exposure to psychrometry. Thus the air handling process has been limited to simple cooling, heating & humidification. In the future courses, more advanced air handling process will be demonstrated one by one

Lastly, in the final section of this course, a practical example has been given in a real life scenario, which is not fictional in any sense. With real engineering problems, the final section was designed to combine all the AHU training. By calculating sensible, latent and total capacities separately, this course does not take any shortcuts for solving real engineering problem.

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