Software Testing
Learn Test Automation with Boozang
Learn Test Automation with Boozang, Learn test automation in an afternoon without any need for programming.Learn the basics of test automation using the code-less automation tool Boozang....
Everything for Software Tester
Everything for Software Tester, Manual | Database Testing | Unix | Basics of Selenium & Jmeter and SoapUI.This course is specially designed for Software Testers, it cover almost all areas ...
Software Testing By Innovation Techniques
Software Testing By Innovation Techniques, Making of Agile Tester.You would have heard about Testing Techniques used in software testing and also about Innovation Techniques using in innovating. ...
Automation Testing With HP UFT 14.00 Latest Version
Automation Testing With HP UFT 14.00 Latest Version, Learn Automation testing with ease.This course is basically for those participants who are planning to switch from manual testing to ...
Mocking application with Moq
Mocking application with Moq, Mocking real implementation of application with fake implementation using Moq.In the course Mocking framework(Moq) we will learn and understand1. What is Mocking ...
Selenium Java Framework from Scratch
Selenium Java Framework from Scratch, Step by Step for Beginners.This course if for complete Beginners. You can take this course without any prior knowledge on Selenium, Java or Automation. ...
Complete Java for Selenium & Appium
Complete Java for Selenium & Appium, From Java from Beginner, and start your carrier with widely used programming language.JAVA is a technology that allows Programmer for software design and ...
Getting Started with BlazeMeter
Getting Started with BlazeMeter, Leverage open source tools like JMeter and more to run tests against web & mobile apps and APIs.This course contains all the information you need to know ...
Cucumber with Selenium Java (Basic)
Cucumber with Selenium Java (Basic), Learn the ABC of cucumber and integrating it with Selenium.Cucumber with Selenium Java (Basic) course is designed to give anyone who is getting started with ...
How to Work from Home as Software Tester
How to Work from Home as Software Tester, Learn how to work from home working as a software tester utilizing Utest and BugFinders.Working from home is a dream for a lot , At the End of this ...
Robot Framework : Code management(GIT) + Jenkins Integration
Robot Framework : Code management(GIT) + Jenkins Integration, Git and GitHub introduction, Jenkins Setup on windows machine, Allure reporting.Git is the most widely used modern version control ...

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