Positive Transformation Hypnotherapy | Certificate Course


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Positive Transformation Hypnotherapy | Certificate Course, Everything Needed To Master Positive Transformation Hypnotherapy.

Positive Transformation Hypnotherapy | Certificate Course

Hello everyone! I’d like to welcome you to this course I created that is a complete guide for anyone who wants to learn the art of hypnotherapy, & use it to help induce positive mind shifts that last! I always wanted to be able to help the people around me but to do so I had to be able to help myself. This is what positive mind hypnotherapy did for me! I’d like to officially invite you to jump into hypnotherapy sessions with me & receive all the scripts! I’m so grateful that you are here. Now you have the opportunity to…

– Awaken Your Inner Healer

– Remove Negative Obstacles

– Become A Magnet For Everything You Desire

– Amplify the law of attraction naturally

– Learn hypnotherapy & how to use it for positive mind transformation

– Develop skills to add to your holistic practice that truly benefits everyone

– Connect with a larger community of healers

– Cure and ride depression & anxiety

– Develop a deeper awareness of the oneness of the universe

– Learn how words can impact how people heal

What’s Included?

  • 4 hours of downloadable content
  • PDFs of lecture material
  • 5 Base Hypnotherapy Scripts (Positive Mind Transformation)
  • 3 Live Hypnotherapy Recorded Sessions
  • Bonus: 2 hours of downloadable sound healing for your sessions (Free To Use)
  • Bonus: Affirmations to help reprogram the mind for Positive Thinking (Free To Use)
  • Videos from a certified practitioner of sound healing & hypnotherapy!
  • PDFs of extra inserts for customization of different ailments (Stop Smoking & Drinking)
  • Certificate Of Completion

Hypnotherapy 101 was created by Gabriel Castillo a certified hypnotherapist, medicine man, and owner of Finally Detached. After years of working with the positive mind transformational ‘method’ in the field, Gabriel decided to share this powerful tool with the world. Gabriel has traveled to learn the art of hypnotherapy, yoga, & advanced mindfulness practices by a very gifted and light individual Dr. Sohail Ebady. After studying and earning his diplomas at the Patanjali Institute, Gabriel made his way back to the states to start his path of healing & transformation. In doing so our facilitator Gabriel awakened to the ‘power of the mind’ through a mist of turmoil and self-denial. Now Gabriel wishes to help people see the bliss that is now, by giving his wealth of knowledge to the public. The time is now to gain the knowledge that was passed down to spread and teach the world happiness, contentment, & detachment. We are so grateful you are here with us!

We would now officially like to invite you to practice over & over with this course material. You will see that Gabriel intentionally gives you EVERYTHING & expects you to do your part (practice). As you practice the course material, you will grow into a hypnotherapist that has the ability to grow a great book of business!

This course is taught by a certified hypnotherapist that has been helping people with positive mind transformational hypnosis for many years! We welcome you to start your journey and jump into the course today!

Recieve your course certificate 1 week after your completion.

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Please subscribe to our Youtube channel! We are starting Online Tutorials Soon!

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