Smartphone Photography

, Smartphone Photography, Create stunning and instagram worthy photos using your phone.

Smartphone Photography

Create stunning and instagram worthy photos using your phone

Rose is a full time Photographer and Entrepreneur. She started her business with a borrowed camera and minimal gear. Now she and her husband run a full time events Photography and Videography business. During her free time Rose loves to create courses and conduct workshop on Photography. In this class she will walk you through the entire process of creating professional looking and instagram worthy photos using your smartphone.

The lessons include:

-The fun behind Photography

-Why lighting is very important

-How to plan and get inspirations

-How to compose your scene for better photos

-How to tell stories using your photos

-Smartphone camera setup

-Exposure and creating depth

-How to take photos using Panorama, HDR and Macro

-Editing, enhancing and properly exporting photos for best quality

-Sharing your photos

This short course is perfect for anyone who wants to take great photos using their smartphone, for photographers who want to add to their skillset and absolutely anyone who wants to discover and learn something new.

Message from your instructor:

Can I use my smartphone in Photography?

My answer is absolutely yes!

Photography is more on what is in your head than what is in your gear. It’s true! You can have the most expensive camera and not be satisfied with your photos. I know because it happened to me. I had my very first DSLR camera for a year before I actually learned to use it and create stunning photos with it. I thought as soon as I get my hands on my expensive camera my photos will suddenly be the same as the famous photographers of all time 😀 But my underexposed, poorly composed photos proved me wrong. The good news is you have now what I wished I had back then. Someone who will hold my hand and teach me the lessons and fundamentals of Photography. Your smartphone is not called a smartphone for no reason. You hold in your hand a powerful device that can help you create stunning photos. And notice I said create not just take. Photography is a process. It involves not just clicking a button but planning, lighting, styling, composing and editing. It’s a creative process. If you will really study the fundamentals and follow Picasso’s advice to learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artists you will be surprised with your phots. So get ready when people ask you did you take that photo? because it looks stunning! It takes a lot of practice but I am sure you’ll succeed at it if you don’t give up. Enroll now to learn more!.

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