Create Financial Abundance

Create Financial Abundance, Create your way to FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

Course Description

This course takes a wholistic approach with finances. It focuses on both defence and attack. It shows you how to guard the downside, so that you do not go into fight/flight survival mode. It alway gives you proactive ‘attacking’ tools so that you can create wealth abundantly.

You will learn:

To understand the history, development and potential future of the economy.

Financial awareness: Identify your current financial position.

Identify your current habits.

Establish a plan to change your 3 top disabling habits.

Financial stewardship: To create an automated effortless system of abundance.

Financial subconscious: To identify your limiting subconscious identities and beliefs and to implant your true financial identities and beliefs.

Financial blueprint: Create your ultimate dream lifestyle, identify the amount, create the plan.

Financial genius: Understand mindset of the rich.

Understand the power of paying yourself first.

Identify the overview of how the wealthy spend the first 30%.

Active capital: Identify what ‘vehicle’ you can use for your golden goose.

Create your blueprint and plan.

Passive capital: Understand the basics of investing, how to invest and what to invest in.

Guard the downside: To have a plan implemented for your worst case scenario.

The results you will experience:

You will be less dependent with child like thinking when it comes to the economy.

You will tap into your own resourcefulness instead of depending on a seemingly uncontrollable force.

It will give you greater proactive focus and energy.

It will fuel you with more passion and excitement of what you can add because you understand the greater picture!

Increased positivity.

Increased self-esteem.

More disposable cash

Spend only on the things you need and really like.

Less wasted cash.

Feel less worthlessness and waste overall.

Greater feeling of control over your finances, decisions and life.

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