The Art and Science of Meditation Course

The Art and Science of Meditation Course, The Art and Science of Meditation Lessons.

This study, in which the relationship between meditation and music is discussed and added to the end of the course, is a summary of the subjects that have been studied for centuries, as an artistic meditation research, in which esoteric information is also discussed. From the lessons in this course, you will learn the basics of meditation as well as its connections to the energy of meditation.

This course gives you the basics you need to know and need throughout your life, as well as information that will change your perspective on life.

With the opportunity of technology, you can finish this course at any place and at any time. The certificate you will receive at the end of this course will naturally open many doors in front of you. But it should be taken into account that applying the knowledge in this course will open many doors in your life.

Meditation, of course, also includes issues that affect negative elements in wrong and spiritual issues. For this reason, no matter what gender, age or geography you are from, it is now essential to learn the information in this course, with centuries of knowledge. Of course, it will not be possible to build general life standards in a way similar to the lifestyle of people who have found the formula for happiness and life, without knowing this information.

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