NLP Technics and Life Coaching ( 2 )

NLP Technics and Life Coaching ( 2 ), Life coaching.

Life coaching Technics 1 + 2 contains the content below

Lesson 1: Psychology and NLP

Lesson 2: Social Psychology and Life Coaching & Nested Circles NLP Technique

Lesson 3 & Cognitive Therapy

Lesson 4 & Psychotherapy and the Art of Asking Questions Beginner

Lesson 5 & Personality Disorders

Lesson 6 & Timeline NLP Technique

Lesson 7 & Sabotage NLP Technique

Lesson 8 & Anchor Collapse & Bad Memories Removal NLP Technique

Lesson 9 & Conditioning and Anchoring NLP Technique

Lesson: 10 & Freud, Founding Psychologists & NLP

Lesson 11 & Walking For The Future NLP Technique

Lesson 12 & Milton Erickson and Anecdote Technique

Lesson 13 & Values ​​Study

Lesson 14 & Walt Disney Technique

Lesson 15: Scratched CD / Bad Plate Method NLP Technique

Lesson 16: Mutual Chair Method NLP Technique

Lesson 17: The Magic Glasses Technique

Lesson 18: Finding the Purpose of Life with the Timeline

Lesson 19: Paragraph Completion Technique

Lesson 20: Nlp Technique, Mirroring

Lesson 21: Auto Typing Technique & Milton Erickson

Lesson 22: Milton Erickson (Silence Meditation and Autohypnosis)

Lesson 23: Personal and Social Competence & Anthropologist Technique in NLP

Lesson 24: Stress Management & Calm Anchor NLP Technique

Lesson 25: Characteristics of Leader & Life Coach & Technique of Anchoring Things

Lesson 26: Analyzing Optimistic Psychology & NLP SWISH Technique

Lesson 27: What does this mean for me & Self-Esteem

Lesson 28: Self-Esteem & NLP CIRCLE Technique

Lesson 29: Resilience and Self-Handicapping People

Lesson 30: IQ & EQ

Lesson 31: Teflon Pan & Dream Yoga Technique of Tibetan Priests


Lesson: 33 Affirmation 1 (HOMEWORK: Note what the affirmations made you think)

Lesson: 34 Affirmation 1 (HOMEWORK: Note what the affirmations made you think)

Lesson: 35 Affirmation 1 (HOMEWORK: Note what the affirmations make you think)

Lesson 36: Life Coaching Lessons Lesson 1 (Empathy & Motivational Interview)

Lesson 37: Life Coaching Lessons Lesson 2 (Active Listening)

Lesson 38: Life Coaching Lessons Lesson 3 (Resistance)

Lesson 39: Life Coaching Lessons Lesson 4 (Carl Rogers)

Lesson 40: Life Coaching Lessons Lesson 5 (Carl Rogers And Empathy)

Lesson 41: Life Coaching Lessons Lesson 6 (Empathic Listening in Everyday Life)

Lesson 42: Life Coaching Lessons Lesson 7 (Examples of empathic listening & responding)

Lesson 43: Life Coaching Lessons Lesson 8 (Life Coaching Dance or Wrestling?)

Lesson 44: Life Coaching Lessons Lesson 9 (Carl Rogers Technique & Life Coaching)

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