Mental Training for Success

Mental Training for Success, Take charge. Create balance. Grow.

Course Description

  • Have you ever wondered how athletes keep a calm mind when racing?
  • How can they keep their focus on that last penalty…with billions of people watching from all over the world?
  • How do they handle all this heavy pressure?
  • How do they keep laser-sharp focus, no matter how many distractions are around them?

Well. The answer is very simple. They are experts in mental training. Their mental resilience differentiates an A-Star athlete and a B-star one. This is the one thing that sets an Olympics champion apart from being number 2 or 3.

This is no different in situations in business when everything is at stake: whether it´s about making yourself heard in board meetings or making key presentations to your bosses.

If you want to get ahead in your career and stand out in your team, then you need to learn mental training skills. Doing this is not a choice anymore. It is a must.

And this is what this course will provide you with.

There are 3 main sections in this course:

  1. Basic principles of mental training
  2. Affirmations & self talk for your mental training
  3. Visualization and your mental training

We have included an additional section at the end with helpful content for your mental training and relaxation.

We truly hope you will enjoy and benefit immensely from this training!

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