Mastering Logical Fallacies: How to Think & React positivly

Mastering Logical Fallacies: How to Think & React positivly, Mastering Logical Fallacies How to Think Critically and Avoid Common Errors.

Course Description

My name is Hamza ELOUAZZANI, I am a Logistics Specialist & Analyst, with a Master’s degree in Logistics Management. I am currently working as a Senior Supply Chain & Customer Service at a multinational. I carried out about thirty projects during these 5 years of experience in this field. I want to share my knowledge and contribute in my own way to the development of global logistics.

Actually I have more than 75 000+ Students. And the average of feedback is around 4,4/5 Stars.

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Mastering Logical Fallacies: How to Think Critically and Avoid Common Errors is an online course designed to help learners develop critical thinking skills and avoid common mistakes in reasoning. The course covers the most common types of logical fallacies, including formal and informal fallacies, causal fallacies, and fallacies in decision-making, advertising, politics, and everyday life. It provides learners with the tools and techniques to recognize and avoid these fallacies and improve their reasoning and argumentation skills.

Course Structure:

The course is divided into 14 modules, each focusing on a specific topic related to logical fallacies. Each module consists of a series of video lectures, quizzes, and assignments to help learners develop a deep understanding of the material. The course is self-paced, allowing learners to progress through the material at their own speed.

Module 1: Introduction to Logical Fallacies In this module, learners will be introduced to the concept of logical fallacies, why they are important to understand, and how they can affect our thinking.

Module 2: Types of Logical Fallacies This module covers the two main types of logical fallacies – formal and informal – and provides examples of each type.

Module 3: Formal Fallacies This module focuses on formal fallacies, which are mistakes in the structure of an argument. Learners will learn how to recognize and avoid common formal fallacies.

Module 4: Informal Fallacies – Part 1 This module covers some of the most common informal fallacies, including ad hominem, appeal to authority, and false dilemma.

Module 5: Informal Fallacies – Part 2 This module covers additional examples of informal fallacies, including hasty generalization, slippery slope, and strawman argument.

Module 6: Causal Fallacies This module covers causal fallacies, which are mistakes in the causal relationship between events. Learners will learn how to recognize and avoid common causal fallacies.

Module 7: Fallacies in Decision Making This module covers how fallacies can affect our decision-making process and provides examples of common fallacies in decision making.

Module 8: Logical Fallacies in Advertising This module covers how advertisers use fallacious reasoning to manipulate consumers and provides examples of fallacious advertising claims.

Module 9: Logical Fallacies in Politics This module covers how politicians use fallacious reasoning to sway voters and provides examples of fallacious political arguments.

Module 10: Logical Fallacies in Everyday Life This module covers how fallacies can affect our everyday interactions and provides examples of fallacious reasoning in everyday life.

Module 11: Critical Thinking Skills This module covers the importance of critical thinking and provides techniques for developing critical thinking skills.

Module 12: Evaluating Arguments This module covers how to evaluate arguments for logical fallacies and provides tools and techniques for identifying and analyzing flawed arguments.

Module 13: Debating Techniques This module covers how to use logical reasoning in debates and provides effective debating techniques.

Module 14: Putting it All Together This module provides a review of the key concepts and skills covered in the course and offers guidance on how to apply the knowledge to real-world scenarios.

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