Master the Sky: Essential Flying Skills for Aspiring Pilots

Master the Sky: Essential Flying Skills for Aspiring Pilots, Master flying with pro tips: ATC communication, quick maths, precise navigation, and landing analysis.

Course Description

Tools to Make you a better pilot

Elevate your flying skills with our free Udemy course, packed with professional tips and easy-to-learn tricks for more accurate navigation, efficient communication with ATC, and enhanced situational awareness. Join now to master flying like the pros, with practical strategies and simple maths tricks that promise a smoother and more confident piloting experience!

This free Udemy course offers valuable insights and techniques to enhance flying skills, both for simulator enthusiasts and aspiring pilots. The course introduces tools for professional-like flight operations and methods to self-analyse landings for continuous improvement. It includes powerful math tricks for quick in-flight calculations, a simple navigation trick for improved accuracy, and various tools to enhance situational awareness.

  • Learn how to speak to ATC like the professionals do
  • Prepare for long clearances so that you can use “say again” a whole lot less
  • Learn useful tools to fly more like the professional pilots
  • Learn how to analyse your own landings so that you continually improve on them
  • Powerful maths tricks to do faster on the go calculations
  • Navigate more accurately and easily with a simple trick
  • Learn a variety of simple tools enhance your situational awareness
  • For the flight simulator pilots amongst you:¬†Learn skills that will allow you to operate more like the real pilots out there!

Course Syllabus

  1. Easy mental maths
  2. Clockface Rule
  3. ATC call structure
  4. ATC Shorthands
  5. Departure briefings
  6. 50/70 Rule
  7. TTC
  8. Arrival briefings
  9. Descent planning
  10. Calculating descent rates
  11. The 5 phases of landing

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