Make meetings better: get the most out of every meeting

Make meetings better: get the most out of every meeting, Frustrated by meetings? There is a better way.

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Do you hate wasted meetings?

For years I put up with frustration and heartache by attending every meeting. Most of them were a waste, and my productivity suffered.

Like most, I thought that if I was invited I had to go. Then I learned better.

Your time is precious. One hour saved from a wasted meeting can improve your productivity by 33%.

I started to decline invitations. It took effort and courage – and it didn’t always work. But slowly I identified an approach, frameworks and strategies that helped me be my best. Not only to avoid the meeting waste, but to get better outcomes when I went to the important meetings.

Stop the meeting waste today! Instead of going to that wasted meeting, spend the same time letting me take you through 5 modules that will change your work life forever!

The course answers three questions, starting with principles and ending with concrete techniques – how to know:

1. When you should go?

2. Whether the meeting can be successful?

3. What to do to make the meeting successful for you when you do go.

You’ll learn how to:

– spot a wasted meeting before you go

– identify when you can safely not go

– not go in a way that makes you look good to your boss

– get more out of the meetings you do go to, and

– make a wasted meeting a success

Be less frustrated, less stressed, more productive and happier.

Start your new life today!

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