keep going and commit

keep going and commit, keep going and commit

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this course explains what self discipline is and its benefits on all aspects of life how to acquire and adhere to it and acquire new healthy habits and maintain them . and its benefits to study, work and social life if all the information is applied, a complete change will be observed in self awareness and personal life .

In order to reach self-commitment, I must know what I am committing to, and when I am committed, I must plan well for my goal and know well what I want this goal and what are the benefits that will come back to me from achieving it because these motives will support and motivate me when I lose my enthusiasm towards my goal and I cannot continue with it.

So when I want to achieve a goal I must first answer these questions why, what, how, and when and when I answer these questions about my goal I will be ready to achieve it. And the answers must be written so that I can always refer to them when there is a state of apathy that occurs to us and stops the progress process

There is also another way that helps us to ensure continuity, which is to divide the goal into simple goals with little time in order to ensure building a new continuous habit.

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