High Stake Conflict Management and Art Of Communication

High Stake Conflict Management and Art Of Communication, Learn Art & Science of Communication to Win the Conflict Management for High Stake Situation.

Course Description

“Hatred and judgment do not build bridges to a pleasant future, they burn them. Cooperation and diplomacy are what builds them.”

What do you think good commuication sounds like ? Communication with confidence has huge impact , Its Like if you dial wrong number in mobile you will not get the reply, It’s even important if you are dealing with high stakes situation and want to get your message across, another hand How do you stop conflict? Settle disputes? Handle someone who is yelling at you, crying, or just won’t speak? How do you find a solution when a solution seems impossible?

Conflict is inevitable, in everyday life and especially in today’s increasingly nonhierarchical organizations-in the workplace. So what has always been a key leadership skill, conflict resolution, has become even more critical. But too often, leaders receive little formal training in conflict resolution, and they struggle just to manage the simplest interpersonal conflicts.

Here you will learn about(including below) how conflict can be great for overall success in life or any business success ?also how you communicate effectively to bring the result you are looking for ,you’ll learn about being an effective speaker. You’ll discover ways to prepare, techniques to avoid being nervous and how to use your voice and body language to communicate with self-confidence and understand Conflict management is the process of limiting the negative  aspects of conflict while increasing the positive aspects of conflict. The aim of conflict management is to enhance learning and group outcomes, including effectiveness or performance in an organizational setting. Properly managed conflict can improve group outcomes.

  • Neuroscience and Art of Communication
  • · Elements of Confidence Communication.
  • · How Human Mind Works? How Cognitive Biases Screw up our Decisions
  • · Cognitive Biases and Implication
  • · Conflict Management in Essence and when to Intervene?
  • · Dealing with Different Human Creatures
  • · Understanding DISC Personality (EAGLE, OWL, PARRIOT & DOVE Strategy)
  • · Manage conflict for positive Impact
  • · Assertiveness Components
  • · How to Spot Low IQ and High IQ
  • · Dealing with Power Seekers and Manipulatives Individuals
  • · Neuroeconomics for Great Relationship Enabling High Performance
  • · Understanding Three Dimensions of a Person and applying Persuasion

Lets Dive in.

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