Emotional Intelligence EQ at workplace .

Emotional Intelligence EQ at workplace ., Gain mastery in emotional intelligence (EQ) to recognize emotions within yourself , effectively control your emotions.

Course Description

Wouldn’t it be helpful to understand why certain things at work bother you? How does your body and mind react in those situations? If you want tools to improve your emotional intelligence (EQ), you’re in the right place!

Your EQ, unlike your IQ, changes over time. This course aims to explain what EQ is and how you can enhance it. I’ll guide you in managing your work emotions better, improving work relationships, and noticing subtle social cues at your workplace to boost your career..

This course was updated in late October 2023.

Throughout the course, you’ll:

  • Learn why EQ is crucial for your career
  • Understand signs of high and low EQ in yourself and others
  • Figure out what triggers you at work and how to handle it
  • Create a list of things that bother you at work
  • Identify situations where your emotions may affect your decisions
  • Take control of your work relationships and create positive partnerships
  • Express yourself effectively while staying in control
  • Grasp how EQ influences your career growth

Without understanding your EQ’s impact on relationships at work, you might miss a key way to excel. By recognizing and improving your EQ, you’ll demonstrate readiness for career advancements.

– are you ready ?

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