DIY Mindfulness for Tweens & Teens

DIY Mindfulness for Tweens & Teens, Practical mindfulness concepts for everyday life that will help regulate and ease stress and anxiety.

What better time than now for your tween or teen to study DIY Mindfulness? The classes are filled with engaging questions, funny stories and lots of enthusiasm and reassurance! Students learn practical mindfulness concepts for everyday life. Topics will help them recognize and manage their emotions, and teach the power of their thoughts. They’ll also gain tools to help them regulate and ease stress and anxiety. Each lesson has downloadable worksheets to help them anchor in the concepts learned. We will be using lessons from my workbook “21 Lessons To Empower The New Age Kid” to guide the talks.

Lesson 1: Grounding and Affirmations

By the end of the class students will:

* Know how to ground (anchor) themselves so that they can think clearly, focus their mind and attention, and regulate their emotions in a healthy and positive way.

* Be able to identify negative thinking that they may not be aware of that can make life difficult or disappointing.

* Create easy and powerful affirmations that support their desires and overall well-being.

Lesson 2: Beliefs and Blame Vs. Responsibility

By the end of the class students will:

* Uncover how unconscious beliefs dictate their behavior in positive and negative ways.

* Identify if their beliefs are supporting or opposing the life they want to live.

* Discover how taking responsibility can give learners confidence and control of their lives, while blaming does not.

Lesson 3: Anger Part 1 & 2

By the end of the class students will:

* Be able to identify the different forms for anger such as irritation or frustration that negatively impact their behavior and well-being.

* Know why it’s not healthy or productive to stay angry for long.

* Learn easy to use techniques to release anger safely so that learners can be calm, focused and self-aware.

Lesson 4: Intuition & Boredom

By the end of the class students will:

* Learn how to identify their intuition (inner voice) which can be difficult to recognize at first.

* Discover how listening to their intuition can benefit their life in ways they never expected.

* Learn to use boredom to support their creativity and well-being as opposed to contributing to unhealthy behaviors.

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