Camera Confidence: Speak Confidently & Authentically

Camera Confidence: Speak Confidently & Authentically, Transformational Mindset, Strategies and techniques to master Public Speaking in Confidence.

Course Description

About the Course: 

This is a mindset/techniques course that will help you make a mindset shift to concur your mind’s battle against fear of public speaking, particularly on Camera. One of the biggest myth’s it debunks, its that Public speaking is not necessarily on stage, being able to speak your mind authentically & confidently every time you needed to express yourself , is public speaking – in the comfort of your home, at work, introducing a new idea, or leading an argument with a stranger.

Course Design:

Camera Confidence (2nd Release)  is designed for the busy seeking a fast transformation. You will unlock a ten minutes video daily with a main idea that will either change your perspective or teach you effective public speaking skills. You will have a short homework to practice your learning in a supportive safe space with peers who master the kind feedback technique that you will also get introduced to in this course.


All I ask you bring along the journey is courage, and if you’re lacking it at the moment, borrow my belief in you – I know that you can do it,, with a little bit of guidance and through the small home works you will have daily, you will do it. You will speak your mind in confidence, and you will gain the skills gurus pay to acquire.

Who is this for? 

Creators wanting to gain confidence speaking on Camera, to build an audience and spread their message.

What to expect: 

Expect to become a confident public speaker once you have completed the course. The majority of students feel the transformation during the journey in the early days.

Expect a supportive community that will support you in your transformation.

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