Amazon KDP-Creating Passive Income Through Self Publishing

Amazon KDP-Creating Passive Income Through Self Publishing, Learn How to create, self publish and sell worldwide high quality non-fiction books and Ebook through amazon KDP.

Course Description

Are you tired of the daily grind and longing for a life of financial freedom? Imagine earning passive income even while you sleep by doing something that you will be sure to love.

With our ground-breaking online course, you’ll discover the secrets to harnessing the power of self-publishing on Amazon KDP to create a steady stream of income that works for you.

Tap into the massive global audience of Amazon to reach readers from all corners of the globe and leverage Amazon’s powerful marketing tools to skyrocket your book sales and visibility.

Whether you’re an aspiring author, an entrepreneur or a complete beginner, our proven strategies and insider tips will guide you through the entire self-publishing journey on Amazon KDP.

And the best bit is, you don’t even need to be a writer! We will show you how to create and more importantly sell a book to a worldwide audience with absolutely no writing skills.

The beauty of this model is that once created you will NEVER run out of stock! It will just keep selling and the best part is you don’t need to hold physical stock as Kindle is digital, books are printed to order.

Not only will I be teaching you the above strategies on how this all works in my course but ill also be teaching how to identify book trends and niches that are profitable, and of course a step by step process on how to create every aspect of the book. Also, I’ll be introducing and working with software that gives you a massive edge over the competition, as well as access to tried and tested freelancers and designers should you choose to use them.

My Story

Married and Father of two beautiful daughters. I started my Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) business back in 2015 doing what is called retail arbitrage. Simply put I was going out scanning products with my phone on the shop shelves, buying at a discounted price and sending to Amazon and “flipping a profit” this quickly evolved into a private label product that had turned into a 7 figure business. While this business was thriving, I identified that a lot of cash was being held in stock, the production of stock and stock in the delivery process. I was on the hunt for a new model that would circumvent these headaches! After much research and several courses later, Amazon KDP was on my radar! Since then, I have sold tens of thousands of books all over the world and earned many thousands of dollars, pounds and Euros in Royalties.


You can use this certificate as credentials towards your new publishing journey

How can an Amazon KDP course benefit me as an aspiring author or self-publisher?

Our KDP course serves as a comprehensive guide, arming aspiring authors/entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills, and strategic insights needed to not only publish their work but also to thrive in a competitive market. It is an investment in yourself and a pathway to unlocking your full potential when it comes to publishing.

Is the course suitable for beginners with no prior publishing experience?

Book Wealth Academy is exceptionally well-suited for beginners with no prior publishing experience. Here’s why:


Our course is designed to provide a user-friendly introduction to the world of self-publishing on KDP. It starts with the basics, ensuring beginners can easily grasp fundamental concepts without feeling overwhelmed.

Step-by-Step Guidance:

Beginners often need a step-by-step guide to navigate the publishing process. Our course offers clear, sequential instructions on everything from setting up your KDP account to formatting your manuscript and designing an engaging book cover. This ensures a smooth learning curve for those new to the publishing landscape.

No Assumed Prior Knowledge:

Our course is structured with the assumption that participants have no prior publishing experience. It avoids jargon and provides explanations for terms and processes that might be unfamiliar to beginners.

Practical Examples and Exercises:

To reinforce learning, our course incorporates practical examples and exercises. This hands-on approach allows beginners to apply the concepts they learn, gaining confidence in their ability to navigate the Amazon KDP platform effectively.

Q&A Support and Community Engagement:

Recognising the importance of support for beginners, our course includes avenues for asking questions and engaging with a community of fellow learners through our Facebook group or by contacting us directly. This support network ensures that students can seek clarification and advice as they progress through the course.

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