33 Memory Techniques To Remember Anything

33 Memory Techniques To Remember Anything, Memory 10X Brain, Learn How to Memorize & improve your thinking.

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My name is Hamza ELOUAZZANI, I am a Logistics Specialist & Analyst, with a Master’s degree in Logistics Management. I am currently working as a Senior Supply Chain & Customer Service at a multinational. I carried out about thirty projects during these 5 years of experience in this field. I want to share my knowledge and contribute in my own way to the development of global logistics.

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A common reason we experience presentation anxiety is the fear that we will forget what we have to say and risk losing credibility. A method many use to address this fear is to create presentation slides as a memory aid. However, this can be short-sighted because nothing erodes your credibility as a speaker faster than signaling to the audience that you depend on your slides.

Seasoned presenters are able to announce a slide before showing it. At a minimum, they know their material so well that they only need to briefly glance at the slide to know what’s coming next. You can achieve this by doing simple memory-boosting practices to remember your presentation material and, in turn, reduce your anxiety.

mong the most effective tips for memorizing lines is The Palace Method or Mind Palace. The Palace Method is based on research into brain science that has proven a very deep connection between how we remember an event and the space in which it occurred. The brain system important for memory is lso important for space; in other words, we remember things based on spatial locations or “spatial scaffolds.”

In a nutshell, The Palace Method is a memory technique that involves transforming what you want to remember into images and placing the images in a familiar mental location. In other words, you’re giving your memories something to hang on to, a spatial anchor. You can then mentally tour your Memory Palace looking at your memories through these spatial anchors to help you recall each memory.

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